Grounded Space

Our Vision

When we come to rest in the heart, we allow our self to become open and fully alive: we become radically receptive. When intellect and spirit are invited to converge in the heart, anything is possible.

HEART'S REST is a physically grounded place – this house of hospitality in the Selkirk Mountains of south-eastern British Columbia - as well as that internal space of radical receptivity.

The work of HEART'S REST is to support renewal, change and creative vision for individuals and communities. We do this by sponsoring Convergence Series retreats and workshops, and by providing space and support for personal and group retreats. We consider this work to be Holy work.


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Convergence Series

The Convergence Series brings together widely varied streams of intellectual and spiritual knowledge within the context of open-heartedness. As converging creeks create a mighty river, this integration of different ways of knowing yields something that is stronger, deeper, and more complex than any single watercourse. Convergence wisdom is creative, rooted in relationship, and designed to change individuals, inspire communities, and help heal the world.


Personal and group retreats offer time and space for rest, renewal, and recommitment to the work of the heart. These retreats are designed to meet the specific needs of participants but share the intention to bring together intellect, spirit, and body. Individuals are supported by spiritual direction; groups by a complete retreat curriculum.

HEART’S REST adheres to the principles of the Charter for Compassion, and has applied to become a partner organization.