The Convergence Series brings together widely varied streams of intellectual and spiritual knowledge within the context of open-heartedness. As converging creeks create a mighty river, this integration of different ways of knowing yields something that is stronger, deeper, and more complex than any single watercourse. Convergence wisdom is creative, rooted in relationship, and designed to change individuals, inspire communities, and help heal the world.


The 2017 Convergence Writers’ Weekend, WE WILL NOT BE SEPARATED will be held on June 16 & 17th at Knox Hall in New Denver, BC.

Valhalla Love 01.14.17

“A house divided against itself will fall,” goes the old proverb. Our house—our world, our community, even our self—is threatened with many issues of ethical dislocation, injustice and dis-ease that can divide or paralyze our forward momentum. Some of these things are new, some have been with us throughout history. Whatever threats face us, one of our most powerful tools for motivating connection, social progress and justice is the written word.


Every day the world discovers more and more how everything is interconnected. Our Convergence 2017 theme, We Will Not Be Separated, will focus on exploring positive connections we can make with and through our own creativity, spirituality and activism. We will learn from and encourage one another. We’ll look at how the world is, and how the world could be. New and seasoned writers are welcome.


Convergence 2017 offers registrants a chance to work on their writing with either Carolyn Pogue or Gary Geddes in Saturday workshops. You can hear them speak Friday evening at a session open to the public. And Saturday night an optional session provides the opportunity for registrants to read from their work and to discuss what they’ll take away from Convergence.


Registration fee of $45 plus GST = $47.25 covers all events Friday and Saturday. Friday’s session is open to non-registrants by donation.

Follow this link to more information and registration.