About: Our Grounding

Kootenay Wildflowers | Slocan Valley


The work of Heart’s Rest is sustained by relationship, prayer and scholarship; it is physically held by Love made tangible in this earth.

We consciously tend to our relationships with each other, with God-as-we-understand-God, with our communities, and with the earth around us.

We maintain our own life of prayer and meditation so that we are fit to serve.

We value the life of the mind, keeping ourselves alive mentally by engaging with the best writing and thinking available on the subjects we teach.

Our work is based in the community of New Denver, BC, in the heart of the Kootenay Mountains. Among these people, on the creek delta of this mountain valley above Slocan Lake, in relationship with this land and the beings that inhabit it, creation becomes a catalytic container for alchemical transformation of the heart.

Meet the Heart’s Rest Principals and view their resumes HERE.

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