Heart’s Rest Principals

We believe our work to be sacred work, one small way among many ways that the world will be healed.  While the co-founders consider their spiritual home to be the broad communion of Christianity, we learn willingly from all traditions.

Therese DesCamp has a life-long commitment to prayer.  This, combined with her scholarly work in cognitive linguistics and biblical studies as well as her 12-Step recovery experience, shapes her work as a spiritual director, retreat leader and author.  Currently recognized as a minister of the United Church of Canada, she was raised Roman Catholic and ordained in the United Church of Christ (US) in 1993.

Therese received a PhD in Biblical Studies with a concentration in cognitive linguistics from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, in 2004.  She has 33 years of experience designing and leading retreats; 31 years in 12-step recovery groups; 25 years serving as an ordained minister; and 18 years experience teaching.  Therese is a member of the 202 cohort of The Living School, Center for Action and Contemplation.

Therese has worked with groups in the United Church of Canada, the United Church of Christ, the Anglican Church, the Episcopal Church, and the Presbyterian Church.  She has taught in two inter-religious seminaries, and co-taught with a Zen Buddhist priest and a Theravadan Buddhist teacher; co-ministered with a Jewish rabbi; and first learned meditation from a Sufi teacher.  She is the author of one book on cognitive linguistic and has published numerous scholarly articles.  She has written regularly for the United Church Observer magazine, as well as writing Still Points. She is currently writing monthly columns for the local newspaper. In addition to working as a spiritual director, Therese’s main priorities are the WideSpot community ministry in New Denver, an evolving form of community spiritual companionship outside the walls of church, and nurturance of the contemplative community of the Kootenay area.

Therese’s volunteer commitments have included ten years on the board of the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society as well as 12-Step sponsorship. Past employment includes work as a pastor, adjunct seminary faculty, director of a non-profit ministry, and legislative advocate for people with disabilities.  She co-founded Heart’s Rest Retreats in 2007 with her spouse, George Meier.


George Meier uses a blend of 50 years of experience as a minister, attorney, non-profit executive and non-profit board member to help community leaders thrive in their work to transform organizational performance and individual lives, and to foster just, compassionate, and sustainable communities.  He has a passion for “heart-sighted” work, where leaders learn to apply their gifts, develop their capacities, and discover how to see, with the heart, the invisible deepest things.

George served ten years as the Conference Minister for the Kootenay Presbytery of the United Church of Canada.  He currently provides consultation to churches and non-profits on leadership and systems change.  His sabbatical research on Post-Christendom Stewardship and Micro-finance (see “Uprisings”) forms the ground for this consulting.

George has extensive experience in the development and leadership of non-profits. His pastoral experience includes systems analysis, extensive facility renovations, and strategic planning. Before his work in ministry, George practiced law for 19 years.  He has received training in conflict management, provided workshops on leading change, and served as President of the Northern California/Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors during a significant transitional period.

George’s volunteer commitments have included serving on the boards of the Rosebery Parkland Development Society, Slocan Valley Community Legacy Fund, and Specialized Mobility Services of Portland, Oregon.  He co-founded Heart’s Rest Retreats in 2007 with his spouse, Therese DesCamp.


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