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Private Retreats at Heart's Rest


Our Relationship with the United Church of Canada

Heart’s Rest is open to people of all faiths or no faith.  While we (George and Therese) are deeply rooted in our Christian traditions and the United Church of Canada, we are appreciative of the wisdom found in other religious practices. We consider our spiritual home to be the broad communion of Christianity, and learn willingly from other traditions.  We believe that our life work is to love God and all of God’s creation as Jesus loved God and all of God’s creation.

Therese and George are both recognized as an ordained ministers in the United Church of Canada; we value our relationship with the United Church.  However, Heart’s Rest is not a designated mission or program of the United Church of Canada and receives no regular funding or support from the larger United Church.

At the local level, Heart’s Rest has been designated as an outreach ministry of our local United Church, Turner-Zion Pastoral Charge (Silverton, BC).  This means

  • The pastoral charge is able to apply for grants to help support programs such as a course on Contemplative Prayer or the Convergence Series.
  • This also means that the pastoral charge accepts donations for the work of Heart’s Rest.
  • Turner-Zion Pastoral Charge retains final control over when, how, and whether to disburse any funds for the work of Heart’s Rest.
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