Turner Zion United Church Grant Application

 Turner Zion United Church is seeking to use the proceeds of the sale of its New Denver church property to support local initiatives for the well-being of the local area community. Love and justice is central to the spiritual understanding of Turner Zion. The church’s mission can align with community groups however organized: there is no requirement of any religious affiliation, just a common desire to enact love and justice in our local area communities.

If you wish to request funds for a group or society in the New Denver-Silverton area, please provide the following in a separate letter or memorandum:

Group identity and purpose: 

Responsible individuals and collaborators for the proposed project and contact information:

Project description and intended use of funds:

 Amount Requested:

 Desired Outcomes from use of funds: 

How the desired outcomes will be measured or evaluated.

In making an application, the applicant agrees if requested to provide Turner Zion with references and information as to the group’s capacity to undertake the project.   Successful applicants agree to provide Turner Zion with an accounting of the funds provided and an evaluation of the project and its outcomes.

 APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY THE LAST DAY OF MAY, 2015.  Applications should be sent to:

Turner Zion United Church, Box 72,

Silverton, BC V0G 2B0 

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